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SellerDeck for Sage 50 Accounts

Ecommerce software that integrates with Sage 50 Accounts

SellerDeck for Sage 50 Accounts builds upon SellerDeck Business to provide a powerful and affordable ecommerce package that fully integrates your ecommerce with Sage 50 Accounts systems.

It incorporates a dedicated link application that provides the ability to export orders, customers, products and sections into Sage 50 Accounts, and imports products, stock information and customers from Sage. Like Sellerdeck Business, this solution is also compatible with a wide range of web hosts and payment processors, including SellerDeck Payments and PayPal.

Software you own and control

SellerDeck For Sage 50 Accounts is an ecommerce solution you own and control. It installs on your PC or local area network, so when your cloud services are interrupted, your business can keep running.

Easy to use Windows user-interfaceEasy to use Windows user-interface

SellerDeck uses a familiar user friendly Windows interface with Start Up and Design Wizards to get you up and running quickly. You aren't dependent your internet connection, so when it slows down you don't have to.

Flexible product catalogue

Managing your product catalogue is made easy with the Explorer-style ‘drag and drop’ interface. Select from a number of product page layout options to display up to 20,000 products with further flexibility to create subsections, product variations and components.

You can automatically give each product its own page, increasing sales by enhancing SEO performance and improving usability. SellerDeck also supports downloadable digital products, such as pdf documents and mp3 music files.


Pc and mobile response themesResponsive SEO and customer-friendly online stores

SellerDeck creates great responsive websites that work on most popular devices at the click of a mouse. An intuitive, user friendly shopping cart controls enable browsers to find select and purchase their product will ease. SellerDeck sites are also SEO friendly, meaning your SellerDeck site will perform well in organic Google search results.

All SellerDeck ecommerce products come supplied with two fully responsive website designs and wire-frame template for web designers and developers. That means your customers can buy online you at any time and wherever they are. Each design has been tested on the most popular browsers and devices.



Customisable store design and layout

SellerDeck’s fully-integrated design module provides complete flexibility to design your store in the way you want to. Select and amend from a range of pre-designed themes, mix and match elements from the design library and edit colour schemes, fonts and layouts to create your own unique, customised store. Preview your site in real-time as Customisable store design and layoutyou go.

Dreamweaver integration

SellerDeck integrates with the design suite Dreamweaver, so you can tailor your online store to look and feel exactly how you wish. Ideal for those who don't intend to code in HTML/CSS, but still want to create more personalised sites.

Powerful marketing and merchandising features

SellerDeck provides a range of advanced marketing features to help grow your online business.Your website pages are automatically generated in a search-engine friendly format; great for natural search engine rankings. You can easily create mailing lists from your customer database to send special offers and discounts.

Merchandising features include generating Best Seller, New Product, Recently Viewed and Related Products lists to encourage additional purchases. Display customer feedback to increase customer trust conversion rates by demonstrating the retailer's commitment to good customer service. Google Analytics integration enables you to monitor your site performance.

Efficient order processing and customer management

Efficient order processing and customer management

SellerDeck has built-in order processing functionality to efficiently process orders from receipt to delivery. You can download orders from the website; easily print invoices, packing lists and address labels, monitor stock levels and customise email communications to your customers. Automatically create accounts for your customers, and enable them to view and track their orders online.

Advanced pricing and promotions

You can help grow your sales by using smart promotional tools such as single- and multiple-use coupons, BOGOF offers, date expiring coupons and 'Also Bought' lists.

Advanced pricing also enables discount levels and pricing to be set for individual customers and customer-groups, making SellerDeck a great choice for B2B applications too.

Support for multiple channels and high volume order processing

Orders can arrive through a range of channels, including phone and mail order. That's why SellerDeck incorporates a dedicated screen for capturing offline orders and payments. These orders can be processed at the click of a button, along with your web orders, enabling you to offer great customer service while keeping your business efficient.

Integration with Sage 50 Accounts

Integration with Sage 50 Accounts

SellerDeck's integration with Sage 50 Accounts is a dedicated link application that provides the ability export orders, customers, products and sections to Sage 50 Accounts and imports products, stock information and customers from Sage. It is called SellerDeck Link for Sage, the module enables the creation of sophisticated profiles. These ensure that tax treatments, discounts and product references are efficiently managed.

Minimum System Requirements

Minimum (for smaller sites)

  • Windows 8, Windows 7 or Vista.
  • 1GB RAM (2GB for Vista and above)
  • 1 GHz dual-core processor
  • Internet Explorer 8
  • 120MB available hard disk space

Recommended (required for sites with over 5000 products)

  • Windows 8, Windows 7 or Vista.
  • 2GB RAM (4GB for Vista and above)
  • 2 GHz dual-core processor
  • Internet Explorer 8
  • 1GB available hard disk space
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2008 (SellerDeck Enterprise only)

Additional Services

SellerDeck Cover - one year's 'phone support, free upgrades and other benefits
SellerDeck Hosting - specialist web hosting for your SellerDeck site

Note: please check for the latest details regarding the software and requirements with us.
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