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SellerDeck Cover for complete peace of mind from £599+vat

The most cost-effective way to upgrade to SellerDeck 2014 is to purchase SellerDeck Cover.

SellerDeck Cover is an affordable, annual support and maintenance policy that gives you access to the telephone helpline, priority support and guarantees that your ecommerce software is always kept up to date.

SellerDeck Cover helps you grow sales and improve efficiency whilst offering complete peace of mind.

Why buy SellerDeck Cover?

The internet is a dynamic environment where the only constant is change. If you want your ensure your online store is always competitive, then keeping your software fully up to date and getting speedy access to the advice you sometimes need is essential.

What is Different in SellerDeck 2014?

SellerDeck Catalog has been retired from the product range. SellerDeck Catalog customers will be supplied with a software upgrade to SellerDeck Business when they upgrade to SellerDeck 2014.

  • For non-SellerDeck Cover customers, this will require the purchase of SellerDeck Business Cover.
  • For current SellerDeck Catalog Cover subscribers, a Business licence key will be provided through the standard upgrade process. When their Catalog Cover renews, it will renew as a Business Cover contract at the higher price, but with the same loyalty discount.


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