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Actinic® is the UK’s leading provider of ecommerce and shopping cart software solutions for start-up, small and medium sized businesses.

Their award-winning ecommerce software packages are supplied, supported and maintained through an alliance between Actinic and Oxatis, the market leader in SaaS ecommerce solutions in France. Used by many thousands of businesses to power their online ecommerce stores combining flexibility, affordability and ease of use with all the functionality needed to build and manage a successful online business.

Hanson Web Design is an accredited partner for Actinic Online.


  • Complete online, hosted ecommerce software solution
  • Use from any computer with an internet connection
  • Easy to set up and use ecommerce solution
  • Free UK based online and telephone support
  • Secure & reliable ecommerce web site hosting
  • Pricing from £19 per month, no commitment
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  • Flexible ecommerce design tools and templates
  • Product management and merchandising
  • Ecommerce Shop management and order processing
  • eBay and Amazon marketplace integration
  • Facebook publishing
  • Promote on price comparison sites
  • Accept credit and debit card payments
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Who's it for?

  • Businesses replacing an existing ecommerce system
  • Start-up businesses looking to sell online
  • Established businesses selling online for the first time
  • eBay & Amazon sellers wanting their own ecommerce site
  • Web designers with clients who need ecommerce sites
  • View full product details


Full product details




Design & Site Building Tools

Actinic Online gives you a range of options to create a site that looks great and professional. With ready-made customisable templates, an easy to use design tool and a design code editor you have the ultimate flexibility to design your site to look the way you want and in the way you want.

Key Features

Free Customisable Templates
  • Choose from a wide range of ready-to-use, customisable templates to get your set up and running in no time at all.
SmartSkins Design Tool
  • The SmartSkins design tool makes it easy to modify the site design with no technical or coding skills required. With just a few mouse clicks you can quickly change colour styles, modify the width and height of menus and much more.
Complete Design Freedom
  • Complete freedom to customise the site appearance using HTML or CSS code and/or design editor.
  • Intuitive drag and drop capability enables blocks of content to be added to the left or right column of your site either page by page or for the whole site. Content can include; shortcuts, search, editorial and the vertical menu.

Additional Features

  • Keep visitors informed by easily creating and managing dynamic page components such as blogs, FAQs, news articles, a guest book and much more
  • Easily change the catalog layout with drag and drop capability
  • Ability to create and edit content pages containing text, images, videos and flash animations
  • Easily create customer data entry forms such as text, check box, drop-down list, date and time control
  • Manage multiple categories in tree structure (up to 10 levels), category layout and breadcrumb trail
  • Automatic display of category pages including images, text and headers.
  • Choice of pre-defined page layouts for easy display of page content.
  • Modify text displayed in page components e.g. titles, buttons, messages

SmartSkins Design Tool

SmartSkins enable you to quickly and easily adjust your ecommerce website design to experiment with how you want your site to look.

SmartSkins allow you to save precious time when fine-tuning your design. The tool provides powerful results thanks to the intelligent way elements adapt in relation to one another for text styles, colour pallets and menus to see how changes to one element works in relation to other elements.

There is no need to get involved in complex HTML editing you make the change using an online editor and immediately preview any changes on your site.

With the SmartSkins design tool you can:

  • Modify your site width, header height, menu and block widths
  • Modify your site colour pallet or directly configure colours for your menus, titles, buttons
  • Modify all site text font, case and alignment
  • Position a logo or image in the header right down to the pixel


Site Management

Actinic Online provides a range of administrative tools, all at your disposal to help with the efficient running of your store. Advanced reporting, large scale data import and export and a unique capability to manage across multi-language territories are all included.

Key Features

Multi-language Sites
  • Ability to manage and automatically display translated site content in English, French, Spanish, German, Italian or Dutch. System content such as order confirmation emails, "buy" and "search" buttons, customer files, registration, order tracking, secure payment are displayed in the language selected by the visitor.
Advanced reporting tools
  • Make informed business decisions by analysing site performance data such as visits and viewed pages, visitor origin. Export report data to Excel.
Easy Data Import and Export
  • Use the DataPlug tool to upload product and customer data from your computer to your site quickly and securely. Export orders for accounting and shipping purposes. Automatically synchronise images from your PC with your site’s image gallery


Millions of shoppers in the UK use price comparison sites to search for compare and buy products online.

Using Actinic SmartFeeds you can increase traffic to your site by listing your product on price comparison sites like Google Product Search, Kelkoo, Twenga, Pricesavvy and Ciao.

You managed the process directly from your Actinic Online admin console with full campaign tracking and statistics.

With the SmartFeeds you can:

  • List your products or product categories on price comparison sites.
  • Analyze the return on investment of your expenditure for each site.
  • Optimise your spend based on the results

To list your products, register with each price comparison service. In your Actinic Online admin console, select the products or product categories you want to list.

SmartFeeds enable you to increase your website visibility, boost sales and optimise your spend to get the best return on your marketing expenditure.


Product Management & Merchandising

In today’s competitive online retailing environment you need an ecommerce application which helps you to maximise your sales. With Actinic Online you have a range of options to easily manage and present your products to shop visitors, in the best way possible.

Key Features

Merchandising features to increase product visibility and promotion
  • Automatically create “Best Sellers” lists for a given time period or manually select products for display
  • Show “Recently Viewed products” so shoppers can easily return to products which are of interested
  • Generate a “New Product” list and publish to the web site
Product Brand Management
  • Ability to organise product brand groups independent of their categories. Shoppers can cross search on categories and brands and see the search results displayed automatically.
Display products to encourage up selling and cross selling.
  • Display related, complementary or ‘higher-end’ products based on size, quality or finish to encourage up-selling or cross-selling to each main product.
Complete Product Option Management
  • Ability to manage and display multiple product option combinations with dynamic stock management and price variation depending on selections.
Complete Image Management
  • Ability to display your products with multiple images and a lightbox popup which can be controlled with the keyboard (arrows) or with the mouse. Create image galleries with hovering, zoom function and zone enlargement so that visitors can take a closer look at your products. Display images in a lightbox popup

Additional Features

  • Dynamically display product options according to product type such as drop-down lists, selection lists, image lists.
  • Create and manage multiple and multi-level product categories.
  • Manage product codes, names, short and long descriptions and images.
  • Display prices including or excluding VAT
  • Display product catalogue with or without prices and with or without the possibility to purchase.
  • Manage product attributes to display additional services independent from stock levels such as extended guarantees, complementary services and gift wrapping.
  • Product customisation field to allow customer to enter text e.g. for engraving or printing.
  • Automatic product coding function
  • Sell download or electronic products including the ability to display the same product in physical (CD, print, etc.) or intangible form
  • Manage up to 5 independent prices per product and per option
  • Define discount grids according to product quantity or monetary value
  • Dynamically display product discounts based on numerous criteria
  • Dynamic variation of shopping cart price based on set criteria
  • Define and prioritise pricing rules



Key Features

Actinic Online provides a full suite of ecommerce marketing tools to assist in promoting and growing your online business.

Powerful search engine optimisation tools
  • Complete flexibility to ensure your site is well ranked with the major search engines with 5-level META Tag control and SEO specialist editing tools.
Built-in email newsletter management system
  • Keep in touch with your market by sending personalised communications to prospects, customers or members without the need for a separate system. Includes subscription and despatch management and read and open rate reporting.
Advanced marketing campaign tracking
  • Make better decisions with detailed reporting of all sales and marketing campaigns including individual visit recording, results and the ability to calculate the return on investment.
Advanced coupon management
  • Increase sales by offering your customers one-time, special offer or multiple use coupons for use in your online store.
SmartFeeds product export
  • Exporting your products to price comparison sites (such as Google Product Search, Kelkoo and Twenga) is a great way to attract qualified customers to your store. SmartFeeds is a powerful tool that helps you better control and optimise your marketing expenditure by tracking and measuring the effectiveness of your price comparison campaigns.
Promote your products on Facebook
  • With the My Social Store App you can be selling on Facebook in just a few clicks. Easily publish your catalogue to Facebook and get your products in front of this huge audience (there are at least 23 million active Facebook users in the UK). Customers select the products they’re interested in and then check out in your store.

Additional Features

  • Ability to filter emails for newsletter purposes based on set criteria such as country, customer category, orders placed, time period
  • Manage banner ads including multiple ad types (image, flash, script), positioning and weight of each campaign
  • Ability to create and publish RSS continuous information feeds for visitor subscription
  • Built-in affiliate management allowing you to compensate affiliate partners and enable them to view their account status.
  • Automatic weekly site map generation for Google, Yahoo and MSN
  • HTML insertion points for integration of affiliate and statistics services URL rewriting tool
  • URL rewriting tool for SEO and user friendly URLs


Order Management & Delivery

For your online business to succeed you need the tools to provide your customers with an excellent service. Actinic Online provides you with the ability to get products to your customers efficiently and to keep them informed of progress.

Key Features

Comprehensive order processing
  • Suite of tools to save time and improve customer service by getting your orders processed quickly and efficiently. View, approve and complete orders either one at a time or in batches.
Flexible online order tracking
  • Keep your customers informed on the status of their order with a configurable order management tool including automatic notification or inclusion in user account.
Dynamic stock management
  • Save time on managing your stock with up to date visibility of stock levels for you and management of ‘out of stock’ display options for your customers.
Advanced shipping options
  • Take complete control of your shipping options with the flexibility to manage based on numerous criteria.

Additional Features

  • Design and configure personal email notification templates (account creation, order notification, etc.)
  • Ability to batch print orders and notify a group of customers on the progress of their orders.
  • Ability to add electronic attachments in order tracking (invoices, technical documentation, warranties, etc.)
  • Generate invoices for your orders with custom header and footer.
  • Simple delivery price calculations according to service level, destination, customer type.
  • Shipping prices based on criteria such as weight, volume, number of products in order, total order price
  • Linear or tiered formulas or free shipping calculations based on defined order amount or number of products.
  • Automated out of stock display options including remove from shop, display without allowing a purchase, allow a purchase for back-orders specifying an availability delay
  • Manage your suppliers with reorder alert emails when stock levels reach a minimum threshold


Fcommerce made easy with My Social Store App

Retailers are increasingly using social platforms to interact with consumers and drive traffic to their ecommerce website to help increase sales. The one with the biggest potential of this is Facebook, which continues to grow and dominate the lives of its converts. Promoting products and services for sale on Facebook is often referred to as Fcommerce.

Using the Actinic Online, My Social Store App you can be selling on Facebook in just a few clicks and it is included with your monthly subscription at no extra cost.

Easily publish your catalogue to Facebook and make your products available to the 23 million active Facebook users in the UK.

The My Social App from Actinic Online enables:

  • A complete product catalogue to be published to Facebook with descriptions, images and related items.
  • Products are selected in Facebook then the customer checkouts in your store


Payment Methods

Key Features

Secure payment without Internet Merchant Account
  • Ability to accept payment without an internet merchant account via PayPal Website Payments Standard, PayPal Express, Moneybookers Quick Checkout, Moneybookers eWallet.
Secure payment with Internet Merchant Account
  • Ability to accept payment with an internet merchant account via SagePay, Barclaycard ePDQ, Ogone.

Additional Features

  • Ability to define custom payment methods including cheque, bank transfer, cash on delivery or instalments
  • Display specific instructions before payment and during order confirmation
  • Restrict payment by country or order amount


Customer Shopping

Actinic Online includes a range of tools to help you create a convenient and positive shopping experience for your customers.

Key Features

Manage customer groups
  • Ability to create intranets or reserve site zones and set up individual prices for a specific customer group, particularly useful for servicing business to business trade accounts.
Customer Self Service
  • Give your customers an improved experience by enabling them to manage personal data, track their orders, reload orders, download attached files and access invoices via their own account space
Sophisticated search engine
  • Built-in search engine provides shoppers with help on finding the product they need. Customers can search on individual words or phrases; filter by brand and display the results with thumbnail images

Additional Features

  • Automatic customer notification at stages of the order process e.g. in preparation, shipping, order tracking
  • Ability to save shopping cart for a future visit
  • Automatic identification of returning customers


Premium Hosting

Key Features

Greater than 99.9% uptime since 2001
  • Our objective is to provide you with an uninterrupted service so that you never miss an order. System availability is tested every 5 minutes by independent organisation.
High performance hosting
  • There is strong evidence that the faster the website, the more successful it will be. We use modern, fast hardware and all servers are connected to the backbone of the Internet using high speed internet connections to ensure a fast response for your customers.
Maximum Reliability
  • Your web site is hosted in a world class data centre, monitored round the clock and protected by the highest levels of security. Uninterrupted power supply and fully redundant fire protection and air conditioning systems ensure maximum up-time.

Additional Features

  • 100% redundancy of all hardware and equipment
  • Maximum building security with 24/7 surveillance
  • Uninterrupted power supply with battery back-up
  • Diesel generator backup with 9-day independent run time
  • Daily data backup with off-site storage
  • 24/7 server monitoring


Mobile Assistant

Manage Your Ecommerce Orders On the Go

With the Actinic Online Mobile Assistant by Oxatis it's just gotten easier to keep an eye on your business and manage your orders wherever you may be.

  • Track your orders in real time
  • Contact your customers directly from the application
  • Analyse your business on the move with detailed sales statistics for total sales and average shopping cart value
  • Access the admin console or your live website directly from the Mobile Assistant

This application can be downloaded free of charge and is available for either iPhone or iPad. Once downloaded, enter your Actinic Online login details and start tracking your orders.

Actinic also provides a Mobile Store version which optimises the page display and functionality for mobile devices.


Mobile Store

Optimise your ecommerce shop for mobile devices

The mobile market is currently the fastest changing ecommerce sector and all the indicators suggest that mobile commerce or m-commerce as it is often referred, is rapidly gaining momentum.

As the number of consumers using mobile devices to search for and purchase products and services is on the increase it offers a new revenue opportunity for ecommerce shops.

With the Actinic Online mobile commerce solution, Mobile Store, customers can browse and purchase products through a mobile optimised version of your online store. To see an example of a Actinic Online Mobile site visit www.oxashop.co.uk from your mobile device.

Easy Setup

  • Enable the mobile version of an Actinic online store in just one click, right from the admin console.

Automatic Redirection

  • Site visitors will automatically see the mobile optimised version of your product catalogue when visiting from a mobile device and there’s nothing for them to install.
  • Users of the mobile version of your store can automatically visit the same page in your normal site from either the catalogue or product pages by clicking the site button.

Complete Purchasing Process

  • Mobile customers can easily browse your catalogue (categories, product pages) and use search capability to find and select the products they wish to purchase
  • Customers can pay using the PayPal mobile compatible payment method as well as credit cards with Sage Pay or by cheque

Customer Order Tracking

  • Your clients can see the status of their orders at any time using a mobile device.

Actinic online also provides Mobile Assistant which enables you to process orders on the go via your iPhone or iPad.


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